A mandala is very special art. It gives calm, mindfulness and and keeps you happy. If you’re mindful, your pencil will be light, and if your pencil is dark you are not peaceful and calm.



Sound waves

Today I did sound waves. It is a very good activity that helps me learn how to spelling. It is a sheet that we used at school.We play around with a very good game it is called sound waves. Sound waves is a game it has letter game and a lot more


My poppy


Today it was the 11\11\16 Remembrance Day at snack we had minutes of silence and we make a tree of poppy.





Green green is the best

Green is the best
I love green
I hope you do too
It reminds me of a beautiful tree and a dinosaur too
The sound of green makes me feel like the trees are whistling
What it taste like?
It tastes like a watermelon
What does it smell like?
It smells of the plants getting watered.

We are learning how a seed becomes a plant.

We watched a YouTube video this is what I found out…

What does seed have inside it become a plant. Seed have three parts:
Seed coat

The seed coat
Seed need: Water Temperature light
The uses endosperm to grow
First parent to come out is the root
The shoot comes out top to go up the sun light. Water, sun, temperature.